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A Virtual Walkthrough of AAX's of AAX's Booth at Token2049 Singapore | Bitcoin Rise and Shine

Videos & Webinars Bitcoin Rise and Shine

In this episode of Bitcoin Rise and Shine, Shine walks us through the six key takeaways presented by AAX at Token2049, Singapore. Each panel focuses on a unique solution that AAX can provide to improve a specific area of the crypto industry. ...

29 Sep 2022

Videos & Webinars

A Sneak Preview | AAX Lite

AAX introduces AAX Lite, a simplified version of the AAX app that caters to emerging markets, crypto newbies, and more. Along with its savings feature ...

30 Sep 2022

Break Past The Hype | AAX Trends

A glimpse of what we do here at AAX Trends, from weekly digital assets updates to crypto sub-channels discussing anything from the metaverse to the ...

30 Sep 2022

Driving Mass Adoption | AAX Trends

As emerging markets face daily economic challenges, cryptocurrencies may offer just the safety net you need. AAX Trends will continue to drive digital asset adoption, ...

30 Sep 2022

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Cryptocurrency Glossary

Cryptocurrency Glossary

Complicated cryptocurrency jargon, simplified. Our glossary contains everything you need to know about cold wallets, hardforks, ICOs, whales, and everything in-between. ...

28 Sep 2022

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Top-Tier Digital Assets Exchange

AAX is a digital assets exchange with over 2 million users worldwide. Buy, sell, trade, and stake Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Tether, and more on AAX. Sign up to AAX for the first time and get up to 160 USDT in rewards!

News & Insights

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Press Room

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Crypto Technical Analysis

Learning to use RSI zones

Learning to use RSI zones

Table of Contents What is the RSI? What the RSI looks like How to read the RSI Numbers Levels Traditional 30 to 70 levels do not work with cryptocurrencies RSI zonal adjustments From ...

23 Sep 2021

Glassnode Series: The Puell Multiple

Glassnode Series: The Puell Multiple

Table of Contents What is the Puell Multiple? How is the Puell Multiple calculated? Puell Multiple calculation What cryptocurrencies does the Puell Multiple work on? Which cryptocurrency is the Puell ...

24 Jun 2021

MACD Weight

MACD Weight

In this article, we will be looking at an advanced MACD trading method. If you are unaware of the MACD, we recommend that you watch ...

17 Jun 2021

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