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AAX Appoints Ben Caselin as VP of AAX and Head of AAX Trends

AAX Appoints Ben Caselin as VP of AAX and Head of AAX Trends

Press Room

01 Nov 2022

Ben Caselin tapped as Vice-President of AAX and Head of AAX Trends

November 1, 2022 - AAX, a global digital assets exchange, has appointed Ben Caselin as Vice President of AAX and Head of AAX Trends. The appointment reinforces AAX’s commitment to driving the mass adoption of bitcoin and digital assets through educational content, community-building, and empowerment programs, especially in developing countries.

Ben was previously AAX’s Head of Research and Strategy and Vice President of Global Marketing and Communication.

AAX Trends is a content platform that explores the intersection of digital assets with life and culture around the world. Through programmings like Bitcoin & Beyond and Ben & Breakfast, AAX Trends provides new insights into how digital assets can create a fairer, more inclusive financial system. This goal aligns with AAX’s belief that the future of digital assets is in mass adoption for payments, savings, and everyday use by individuals and small businesses, rather than speculative trading.

“During these three and a half years with AAX, the exchange has found its voice and place in the market,” Ben said. “With AAX well established in second place for spot volume behind the world’s biggest exchange for months now, and as crypto adoption reaches critical mass in emerging markets, 2023 is set to become the pivotal year for us.”
“In my new role, I will continue to engage with the public online and offline, advocating for the wider adoption of digital assets in communities everywhere - and especially where sound financial infrastructure is needed most,” added Ben. “With AAX Trends, we want to show people who are not yet familiar with crypto how Bitcoin and other digital assets are not a get-rich-quick scheme but a potential solution to their everyday financial needs based on a trustless, permissionless, and totally secure protocol.”

This announcement comes as Ben is poised to share his views at Hong Kong Fintech Week 2022, where he will join a panel discussion on the role of crypto in a fiat world. Caselin also follows a solid third quarter from the exchange. This year, AAX has been recognized by CryptoCompare as the second-largest exchange in terms of trading volume.

About AAX

AAX is a top-tier digital assets exchange that caters to a global audience, with a vision of bringing the benefits of digital assets to everyone. Through an accessible range of products and by contributing to the conversation about digital assets and culture, we aim to empower the estimated 96% of people worldwide who do not yet own Bitcoin and other digital assets to build better and more inclusive economies.

Favored by more than three million users in over 160 countries, AAX is the first exchange to use the Satoshi Standard (SATS) to drive the adoption of Bitcoin. We are also the first to be powered by a world-class matching engine, offering high-yield savings packages, 200+ spot pairs, deeply liquid futures markets, regular discounts on major tokens, and a range of on-and off-ramp products.

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