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AAX Becomes The First Crypto Exchange to Partner with The Tie to Offer A Full Suite of Enhanced Crypto Analytics

AAX Becomes The First Crypto Exchange to Partner with The Tie to Offer A Full Suite of Enhanced Crypto Analytics

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13 Jan 2022

AAX has integrated with the Tie, a provider of predictive sentiment analytics and market data on cryptocurrencies, to enable investors to quickly identify and capitalize on key signals to maximize their portfolio growth.

13 Jan 2022 - AAX, an institutional-grade cryptocurrency exchange, has added more tools for its user base to harness through an integration with The Tie, a provider of predictive sentiment analytics, fundamental analysis, and market data on cryptocurrencies. The integration will be completed within this month. The partnership enables AAX to provide more detailed analysis of the crypto markets at a glance, based on real-time news, quantified sentiment analytics and volume alerts. The visual data enables investors to quickly identify and capitalize on key signals to maximize their portfolio growth.

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Three key integrations to enhance user experience

1.Valuable, real-time news feeds sourced from mainstream media, finance publications and crypto news outlets for each asset traded on the platform. The feed will draw attention to key market-moving events such as token burns, air drops, exchange listings, partnerships, and staking announcements that can lead to rapid price appreciation.

Even more enhanced crypto intelligence tools are available through a second, aggregated feed tailored to each individual user that shows only news relevant to the assets within their portfolio. Users will also have the option to display only the most significant news in both feeds.

2. Unique sentiment score that provides contrast between positive and negative market feels. It is measured across more than 130 crypto assets and assesses their associated market sentiment within the last 24 hours, in comparison with the sentiment score of the last 20 days. Each token will be assigned a score between 0-100, based on how enthusiastic investors feel about that particular digital asset.

The combination of live sentiment scores and real-time news feeds promises to be a game changer for AAX’s retail and institutional investors. The rich crypto intelligence feature will enable users to spot live trends and to react immediately to capitalize on the biggest opportunities available on the market before others have time to react.

3. Further support will be provided for users through the introduction of trading and social volume alerts. It will immediately notify users on the trading volume of a specific asset if it rises by more than 50% in a 24-hour period. The same will happen any time an asset's Twitter activity rises by 50% in a single day.

Users will have the ability to customize both alerts, to see all assets, or to only view those in their portfolio. It's another key addition to AAX investors' toolkit, as trading volume and social volume are vital metrics that often precede a sharp gain in asset value.

“With this partnership, AAX is further able to deliver on its core mission to level the playing field for investors in crypto and give users on our platform the most empowering trading experience,” said Ben Caselin, Head of Research and Strategy at AAX. “Tying up with The Tie is also part of our broader strategy to position our platform at the heart of society, not just to stay on top of significant trends, but also to evolve our vision and engage the public in a more informed manner.”

"We are very excited to partner with AAX to bring The TIE's institutional-grade crypto analytics to a broader audience. Crypto is about the democratization of finance - and with this partnership, our data is now available to millions of traders around the globe," said Joshua Frank, Co-Founder and CEO of The TIE.

For further information, please visit AAX Support.


About AAX

AAX is a top-tier crypto exchange that caters to a global audience with the vision of bringing the benefits of crypto to everyone. Through an accessible range of products and by contributing to the conversation about crypto and culture, we aim to empower the estimated 96% of people worldwide who do not yet own Bitcoin and other digital assets to build better and more inclusive economies.

Favored by more than two million users in over 100 countries, AAX is the first exchange to use the Satoshi Standard (SATS) to drive the adoption of Bitcoin. We are also the first to be powered by LSEG Technology, offering high-yield savings packages, 100+ spot pairs, deeply liquid futures markets, regular discounts on major tokens and a range of on- and off-ramp products.

About The Tie

The TIE is the leading provider of information services for digital assets. Their core offering, the Crypto SigDev™ Terminal, is the fastest and most comprehensive workstation for institutional digital asset investors. SigDev brings together real-time news from thousands of primary sources (updates directly from cryptocurrency issuers and exchanges, SEC filings, regulatory rulings, etc.), with sentiment analytics, market, and on-chain data in a powerful and intuitive platform.

The TIE's clients include the leading traditional and crypto-native hedge funds, OTC desks, market makers, trading venues, banks, sell-side firms, and other institutional market participants.

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