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AAX Vietnam’s 1st Meet-up: Blockchain Market - What Newbies Need to Know

AAX Vietnam’s 1st Meet-up:  Blockchain Market - What Newbies Need to Know

Press Room

03 Oct 2022

AAX hosted its first-ever meet-up on the morning of 25 September 2022 in Vietnam on the topic of "Blockchain market - What newbies need to know."The event took place with over 50 participants from Chain Academy, Hidden Gem Media, or at Saigon Innovation Hub (District 3, HCMC).

A look at the highlights from the meet-up features Ms. Thao Ta, AAX Business Strategy Manager's insights on significant factors that investors should know before entering the blockchain space:

  • Macroeconomic understanding of investment
  • Blockchain knowledge for beginners
  • Opportunities and risks within the market
  • Speculation in investment
  • Strategies and tactics
  • Questions and answers session

Blockchain technology has attracted many investors to invest in cryptocurrencies. As blockchain technology is a relatively new market, there is no doubt that investors may have many questions.

With that in mind, AAX Vietnam organized its first-ever meet-up event for investors to improve their digital asset management knowledge. The meet-up also serves as an opportunity for everyone to share their experiences of using the AAX platform.

AAX's first meet-up event in Vietnam on the topic of: "Blockchain Market - What Newbies need to know '' concluded successfully with over 50 enthusiastic participants. AAX hopes to carry out more of these events in the coming future.

For more images of the event:

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