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An Introduction to AAX Savings - Competitive Rates with No Lock-Up

An Introduction to AAX Savings - Competitive Rates with No Lock-Up

Explainers AAX

01 Jun 2021

Have you always wanted to grow your crypto holdings as a longterm investment without trading? Then AAX Savings is for you.

Cryptocurrency savings provide a new way to earn passive income while holding your favored coins. The rise of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has given more prominence to the idea of earning interest by saving cryptocurrencies. Instead of trading in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market with high risk, AAX savings allow you to grow your portfolio in a less risky environment.

There are several cryptocurrency savings products to choose from. However, these products differ in returns and flexibility. AAX Savings offers a competitive interest rate while giving you total control of your funds.

The savings feature on AAX allows traders to hold cryptocurrencies for a longer-term while accruing interest on them. Currently, you can earn interest on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, USDC, USDT and many more cryptocurrencies on AAX Savings.

How to use AAX Savings

To get started with AAX Saving, you need to transfer your funds from the regular wallet to your savings wallet (AAX Vault).

Go to AAX Savings page, find the cryptocurrency you want to save, and click 'Subscribe Now.' You will see an option to 'Transfer'. Clicking this enables you to transfer the fund from your trading wallet to you savings account.

Once transferred, you can 'allocate'. Each cryptocurrency has a minimum requirement on how much you can save. For instance, you need to have at least 140 AAB, 50 EOS, or 500 XRP, if you want to subscribe to a savings plan on any of these coins.

Enter the amount of coins you want to save and click on allocate to begin your AAX Savings subscription. You immediately start earning interest 24 hours after the subscription begins.

What's more, you are charged zero fees for using the savings feature on AAX. Further, you can withdraw your funds from the savings account at any time. Unlike most platforms that offer a savings feature, AAX does not lock up your funds.

You can track your earnings in the Finance section of the AAX Savings dashboard and use the History tab to check past subscriptions.

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