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An Introduction To AAX Tribe - Earn Passive Income By Inviting Friends

An Introduction To AAX Tribe - Earn Passive Income By Inviting Friends

Explainers AAX

07 Oct 2020

AAX Tribe is AAX’s unique affiliate program that lets you earn money while referring users to the exchange.

Are you interested in building your influence and wealth?

Affiliate programs are one of the best ways to earn money with cryptocurrencies. Several products and services have affiliate campaigns that reward you for referring new users. The AAX exchange affiliate program is known as AAX Tribe.

AAX Tribe Incentives

AAX Tribe provides incentives for bringing your friends to AAX exchange. You are rewarded for sharing your AAX affiliate links with their friends and followers.

When someone signs up with your AAX referral link, you get a commission of up to 40% every time they make a trade. You can promote your link on various social media channels like YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, and Instagram.

Also, one of the best ways to promote AAX is by creating original content like text, graphics, and videos. Another excellent feature of AAX Tribe is second-tier referrals. When someone you referred refers another person, the new user is counted as a second-tier referral. You will receive a 10% commission after every trade.

The commission you earn is sent to your wallet as a real asset at UTC 00:00 daily.

Users you refer also have an incentive to use your link. These new users enjoy a 10% discount on taker fees when trading futures on AAX for the first three months. The discount period starts automatically upon sign up.

If you are looking to earn passive income on AAX beyond saving or trading, you may want to look into using the AAX Tribe affiliate program. The income you receive is passive since you will continue to receive rebates every time a person you referred trades after you refer them just once.

Highlights of being part of AAX Tribe

  • Up to 40% commission on trades by tier-one referrals.
  • 10% commission on trades by tier-two referrals.
  • Spot trading fee discount.
  • 10% off futures trading fees for referrals.

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