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Animoca Brands and its GameFi tokens REVV, Tower, and GMEE explained

Animoca Brands and its GameFi tokens REVV, Tower, and GMEE explained

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26 Jan 2022

An introduction to Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands is a developer of blockchain and traditional games. It is also a private investor in mainstream NFT projects, such as Axie Infinity and Dapper Labs.

Upon looking at its list of original projects, you will notice most of them are inspired by popular global brands such as Formula 1, Disney, and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). This characteristic adds to its appeal to the general public.

Its pipeline of projects includes REVV Motorsport, REVV Racing, The Sandbox, Phantom Galaxies, Tower Experiment, GAMEE Token (GMEE), and F1 DeltaTime. Its games include NFT collectibles for Formula 1, Bratz, FC Bayern Munich, and MotoGP.

Yat Siu and David Kim founded the company in 2014. Siu is a Hong Kong-based serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He is known for setting up the first free web page and email provider in Asia — Hong Kong Cybercity. Meanwhile, Kim has held C-level positions at Lycos,, and Techpacific Capital. He is also the co-founder of Sanrio Digital.

Sanrio Digital

Animoca Brands most recently raised nearly $360 million at a pre-money valuation of over $5 billion in a funding round. The money will be used to continue building its ecosystem of games, developing and acquiring more products, and investing in the licensing of popular intellectual properties.

GameFi tokens of Animoca Brands

  • REVV

REVV is a non-fungible token (NFT) built for the REVV metaverse of blockchain-based motorsport games. These games include F1 DeltaTime and Revv Racing for car and motorcycle racing.

Screenshot of F1 DeltaTime features from their website

The racing games simulate a great driving experience with a fantastic graphics display. More importantly, you receive rewards with real value when participating in tournaments.

It provides value-added benefits to users as they can own, trade, or sell gameplay assets, unlike traditional arcade games.

The REVV token can also be used in staking, which is another form of investment for users. The process of staking is as simple as delegating or locking in your car NFTs for a specific time period. In return, you will receive rewards based on certain conditions, such as the rarity of your car and how long you staked REVV.

The token has a total supply of 3 billion. You can purchase REVV through Uniswap, KuCoin, Mooniswap, SushiSwap, MXC, Bittrex, and Bilaxy, to name a few platform options.


The Tower token also uses a play-to-earn model, where you can get rewarded for participating in events and quests of RPG-based games. It can be used in The Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes mobile games, which are tower defense games. You can collect cards with varying power and rarity.

The token can be used to buy game card NFTs, to pay entry fees for the gaming tournaments, and to vote on token governance.

Screenshot of ways of how to get Tower Tokens from their website.

How can you get Tower tokens? You can play strategy-based games and earn them. You can also buy or swap Tower on a number of trading exchanges, including SushiSwap, Uniswap, KuCoin, and MEXC Global.

  • GMEE

GMEE is an Ethereum-based token of GAMEE, which you can earn in an array of exciting games in the Arc8 and Prizes app. It has a fixed supply of 3.18 billion tokens.

Arc8 app offers skills-based mobile games such as Marble Dash, Pixel Dungeon, Globo Run, Atari Asteroids, and Wizard 21. The Prizes app also offers free-to-play mobile video games, which boasts of a base of over 30 million users.

Screenshot of games from the Gamee website

GAMEE also offers G-Bots, which are playable robot characters that double as NFT collectibles. G-Bots have features similar to Axie Infinity, a GameFi platform where you can earn rewards when breeding and upgrading in-game characters. Additionally, G-Bots gaming characters can also be staked to generate additional rewards for the player...

You can get GMEE tokens by participating in the games or through SushiSwap, Uniswap, KuCoin, BitMart, DigiFinex, and MEXC Global.

GameFi tokens are all the hype as of lately, with the NFT boom experienced in the crypto industry. They enable the gaming industry to leverage DeFi practices to monetize their products. GameFi tokens such as REVV, Tower, and GMEE may likely soar in popularity in the upcoming years, in tandem with the buzz surrounding virtual realities, the metaverse, and NFTs.

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