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Explainers Essentials

Cryptocurrency Glossary

Complicated cryptocurrency jargon, simplified. Our glossary contains everything you need to know about cold wallets, hardforks, ICOs, whales, and everything in-between. ...

28 Sep 2022


What’s Next for The Ethereum 2.0 Merge?

Enter the Ethereum 2.0 Merge - an event planned to solve many of the network’s fundamental problems. But what exactly does it mean, and how will it change the entire network – including the broader ...

20 Sep 2022


The Ethereum 2.0 Merge Explained

Taking place on September 15 (2:45 am EST), the Merge was successfully executed without any major flaws. But how does this event impact crypto industry players and what can we expect from Ethereum's developers in ...

20 Sep 2022


The Rise of GameFi Culture in the Philippines

In 2020, GameFi started picking up in the country, with fresh entertainment experiences and new streams of income created. Through GameFi, Filipino players of all ages are bringing the rest of the country into the ...

07 Sep 2022


What Is Margin Trading?

AAX margin trading refers to borrowing funds from a platform and creating a position which will generate more than the original funds posited, using a small amount of principal to obtain higher profits. ...

02 Sep 2022


Ethereum (ETH) Explained

Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain platform that collaborates with applications, executes smart contracts, and allows for peer-to-peer financial transactions to take place without any intermediaries. The Ethereum blockchain is publicly accessible, consisting of all verified ...

31 Aug 2022


Elrond (EGLD) Explained

Two features make Elrond unique among smart contract blockchains: Adaptive State Sharding and the Secure Proof-of-Stake (SPoS) consensus mechanism. ...

26 Aug 2022


CryptoPunks Explained

A collection of 10,000 uniquely-created digital artwork. You’ve probably seen them featured on Bloomberg and Financial Times, being one of the pioneers in the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) space. ...

24 Aug 2022


JUST(JST) Token Explained

JUST differentiates itself from all other DeFi projects by thinking bigger and better instead of providing a single suite of products for a small number of DeFi users.JUST is trying to create a full suite ...

23 Aug 2022


Bitcoin's Biggest Bear Markets Explained

The bearish conditions are due to two significant events. A day after the crypto market peaked, the People's Bank of China (PBoC) introduced the first-ever ban targeting Bitcoin by barring local financial institutions from handling ...

22 Aug 2022

Explainers Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin (BTC) Explained

Unlike fiat currencies, Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies have technology and infrastructure that govern their creation, supply, and security without relying on centralized entities like governments and banks. ...

18 Aug 2022

Explainers Trading

Futures Trading Explained

Futures traders do not operate with the underlying assets directly, but only to gain exposure to the price action. Without having to own the actual asset, the futures market tends to offer better liquidity compared ...

17 Aug 2022


What Is Solana Mobile and How Does It Work?

Solana is also frequently referred to as the “Ethereum Killer” for its highly improved scalability compared to Ethereum – it offers a lower cost, a much faster transaction speed, and it supports a wider range ...

15 Aug 2022

Explainers Essentials

What Is a Crypto Wallet?

A crypto wallet holds the private keys to your digital assets. Your cryptocurrencies, which live on the blockchain, can only be accessed through your crypto key. A crypto wallet keeps your private keys safe and allows ...

05 Aug 2022

Explainers Essentials

The Top 5 DAOs You Need to Know

A traditional company structure generally follows a traditional template. At the very top the executives are seated. They make all the decisions and have complete power over the company. The more you descend in hierarchy, ...

25 Jul 2022

Explainers Metaverse

Bloktopia (BLOK) Explained

Developed in the Unity engine, the Bloktopia Metaverse is a Skyscraper with 21 levels that represents 21 million Bitcoins. With over 200 virtual stores, a gaming floor, an auditorium for live talks and seminars, and ...

20 Jul 2022

Explainers NFTs

LooksRare and LOOKS Token Explained

When human civilizations find ways to reliably meet the basic needs of food and shelter, art and culture follows. Art at its core produces objects and experiences whose only purpose is to provide enjoyment, purchased ...

13 Jul 2022

Explainers Blockchain

Loopring (LRC) Explained

The Ethereum blockchain currently hosts thousands of crypto, NFT, and DeFi projects that help power the digital economy. But being the preferred network for building apps and platforms comes with challenges. The blockchain presently deals ...

12 Jul 2022

Explainers GameFi

DeFi Kingdoms (JEWEL) explained

DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) is a browser-based pixel art game that cleverly integrates DeFi functionality with game elements. Built on the Harmony Network, it is considered to be the most successful and early crossover between DeFi ...

08 Jul 2022

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