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How Decentralized Is The Internet?

In the digital asset industry, we often talk about how crypto and the Web3 space have developed so far and how they make finance and digital services more accessible for people. Indeed so. Public blockchains like Bitcoin, ...

13 May 2022

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What is Lightning Labs Building on Bitcoin?

Recently, Bitcoin layer-two (L2) payments network developer Lightning Labs shared some exciting news for crypto users. According to the organization, it raised $70 million through a Series B round and this will help the team expand ...

06 May 2022

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Skale Network (SKL) explained

Imagine Ethereum Dapps running 1000x faster and without the gas fees — that’s the vision of Skale Network (SKL). SKL wants to bring more scalability to the network and boost transaction capacity to bring convenience to ...

19 Apr 2022

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Ontology Explained

Ontology is a multi-chain and multi-system network, which makes it a connector between blockchains. The project is capable of many things, from building blockchain infrastructure to creating end-user applications. It specializes in digital identity, data ...

19 Apr 2022

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Astar Network Explained

Astar Network, formerly known as the Plasm Network, is the multi-chain Polkadot dApp hub which acts as the gateway for connectivity between Polkadot and multiple Layer 1 blockchains. The project’s aim is to build the ...

24 Mar 2022

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Moonriver (MOVR) Explained

Is the future multi-chain? Developers of Moonriver believe so. The fast-rising project marries the Ethereum blockchain with the Kusama network. This article explains the Moonriver project and its native token, MOVR. What is Moonriver? Moonriver was created ...

31 Jan 2022

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Efinity (EFI) Explained

From 2020 to now, NFTs and the metaverse have both experienced a boom in popularity. Altcoins such as SAND, MANA, AXS, and ILV have all soared in value during this period of time. ...

13 Dec 2021

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Move Network and MOVD Explained

Introduction NFTs have been all the rage in 2021. Numerous NFT-related cryptocurrency projects have been created, with many traditional artists also getting into the NFT space. However, for individuals with a lack of cryptocurrency knowledge, it ...

09 Dec 2021

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Quant and QNT Explained

Quant launched in June 2018 with the goal of bringing interoperability between blockchains, catering to institutional use cases. The most important element of Quant’s infrastructure is OverLedger. OverLedger is the backbone of the project as ...

25 Nov 2021

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Celer Network and CELR Explained

The Celer Network made its debut in March 2019 through its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on the Binance Launchpad, and has since grown exponentially. The project offers a Layer 2 scaling platform to make dApps ...

10 Nov 2021


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