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News & Insights

News & Insights

The Impact of NFT Communities

Over the last year, we witnessed the NFTs frenzy that got many to change their profile pictures to cartoons and pixelated animals. As NFTs were commonly thought to be nothing but speculative “jpegs” sold for ...

30 Jun 2022

News & Insights

Crypto Growth in Indonesia

Cryptocurrencies have a huge opportunity for growth in Indonesia. According to data from Triple A, Indonesia is home to the seventh-largest cryptocurrency user base in the world. Data from 2021 suggests that over 11 million ...

14 Apr 2022

News & Insights

Ukraine war is crypto's biggest test yet

This article first appeared on Nikkei Asia. The war in Ukraine is the first major conflict in which cryptocurrency has featured prominently. It has been used for humanitarian purposes, with people across the world sending crypto to ...

04 Mar 2022

News & Insights

AAX Intelligence: BTC, ETH & DOT

BTC introduction BTC is currently down a mere 1.4% since this time last month (04/04/21), although during this period BTC has been highly volatile. Within the past month, BTC has seen a high of $64,000 USD ...

05 May 2021

News & Insights

EIB Issues €100m Digital Bond on Ethereum

On April 27, the European Investment Bank launched its first-ever digital bond on a decentralized public blockchain. The issuance was announced and made specifically for the registration and settlement of digital bonds placed on a ...

03 May 2021

News & Insights

From Bitcoin to Britcoin: UK CDBC Announced

The Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is becoming a go-to solution for an increasing number of governments around the world as financial regulators are watching the fluctuations and influence of the growing crypto market in ...

23 Apr 2021

News & Insights

AAX Intelligence: BTC & REEF

Bitcoin Many traders have been suggesting that $43,000 USD looks highly likely, however analysis suggests that this appears unlikely. These $43,000 USD predictions stem from the cryptocurrency market currently being overbought, a recent major drop off ...

27 Mar 2021

News & Insights

The Prerequisites For The Adoption Of CBDCs

The technological structure of society has always determined the form of money and the configuration of payment systems in that society. Metal-working gave rise to ingots and coins. The invention of paper in China led ...

22 Mar 2021

News & Insights

Stop wasting energy. Start mining Bitcoin

Bitcoin has always had its share of detractors who, like their bitcoin maximalist counterparts, insist on their position no matter what new information becomes available. Besides being a Ponzi scheme in a bubble with no ...

03 Mar 2021

News & Insights

AAX Intelligence: BTC, ALTS & AAB

BTC BTC has recently seen a sell off. During this sell off BTC and most alt coins saw significant drops in value. This was somewhat expected. Numerous altcoins were vastly overextended having made 100% moves over ...

26 Feb 2021

News & Insights

Crypto Snapshot: DASH/USD

Following rapid growth, DASH has corrected by more than 50%. The price found support near the $212 level. Dynamic support is provided by MA100 on the H4 timeframe. Currently, the asset is consolidating. We can consider ...

25 Feb 2021

News & Insights

Crypto Snapshot: ETH/USD

Hello traders, After the dump stopped in the buyer's interest zone at the level of $1380-1440, the asset has begun to recover. Therefore, we can assume that a new local market cycle has started. It is possible to ...

24 Feb 2021


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