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Explainers Trading

How to buy and sell Tether

These are the world's very first Stablecoins, which appeared in 2014 and have remained the most liquid and reliable digital currency in this category ever since. ...

10 Oct 2022

Explainers Trading

How to buy and sell Bitcoin

You always want financial transactions to be as cheap, fast and reliable as possible. We recommend using our AAX crypto trading exchange for this purpose, which offers a wide range and rich functionality of trading ...

03 Oct 2022

Explainers Trading

How to buy and sell NEO

Cryptocurrency has become an integral part of many modern investment portfolios, performing various functions in them - as a risk investment, financial protection, etc. As one of the options for the cryptocurrency component of the ...

23 Sep 2022

Explainers Trading

How to buy and sell Litecoin

Purchasing digital currencies requires a cryptocurrency wallet and funds in fiat currency. If you have all of the above, then all you have to do is to create an account (detailed registration instructions are provided) ...

02 Sep 2022

Explainers Trading

Futures Trading Explained

Futures traders do not operate with the underlying assets directly, but only to gain exposure to the price action. Without having to own the actual asset, the futures market tends to offer better liquidity compared ...

17 Aug 2022

Explainers Trading

What Type Of Crypto Trader Are You?

Whether you’ve been in the crypto space for a long time or you’re just getting started, chances are you fit one of these categories. It’s also likely, if you’ve been trading for a while, that ...

06 Jul 2021

Explainers Trading

Hedging against risk with futures

The cryptocurrency market can be very volatile, and traders are always looking for ways to hedge against quick price movements. In this article, you will learn how you can limit your risk with futures on ...

22 Apr 2021

Explainers Trading

Is it Worth Investing in BAT?

While trading on AAX, you’ve probably come across Basic Attention Token (BAT) more than a few times. BAT’s price has recently crossed the 1-dollar mark for the first time in three years, and with the ...

27 Mar 2021

Explainers Trading

Why Market Corrections Are Healthy

Seeing the assets in your portfolio dip severely can be nerve-racking and scary, but in fact it’s completely normal and part of basic market dynamics. In fact, market corrections are typically a sign of healthy ...

16 Mar 2021

Explainers Trading

Do You Need An Exit Strategy For Bitcoin?

Few would disagree with the observation that Bitcoin’s current bull run is different from previous bull runs. Of course, it’s clear Bitcoin goes through cyclical motions marked by bullish and bearish sentiment, with its all ...

10 Feb 2021

Explainers Trading

What is Social Trading?

Trading financial markets has become increasingly accessible to more people over the past decade. Whereas investing used to be reserved for the wealthy, anyone can now download a mobile brokerage app and start buying and ...

10 Feb 2021

Explainers Trading

Trading The Bull Market With YouTubers

Navigating the crypto markets, however lucrative it can be, is not easy. Even though we find ourselves in the midst of a bull market, identifying opportunities and managing risk requires you to understand technicals and ...

25 Jan 2021


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