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The Key to Boosting Cryptocurrency Adoption: A Case Study of Turkiye | Bitcoin Rise and Shine

Videos & Webinars Bitcoin Rise and Shine

In this Bitcoin Rise and Shine episode, Shine invites Anadolu Aydinli, AAX’s Country Director of Turkey, to share his insights on cryptocurrency adoption in Turkey. Aydinli also speaks about his experience in operating within the emerging market. ...

28 Oct 2022

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A Sneak Preview | AAX Lite

AAX introduces AAX Lite, a simplified version of the AAX app that caters to emerging markets, crypto newbies, and more. Along with its savings feature ...

30 Sep 2022

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Oct 01 | 1.00 am


A Borderless Exchange | AAX Trends

At AAX Trends, we believe that cryptocurrencies can make a real-world impact on high-potential markets. AAX Trends is building a forward-looking innovative movement to inspire cryptocurrency adoption in emerging markets.

Ben & Breakfast

Smart Money In Crypto | Ben & Breakfast

With bitcoin on its way recovery, it’s important to be mindful of media narratives and notions of smart money popping up again. Ben Caselin comments. ...

27 Oct 2022

Blockchain or Currency? | Ben & Breakfast

In the context of AAX’s gold sponsorship of the Vietnam Blockchain Summit in Hanoi, Ben reflects on his meeting with government officials and the discussion ...

19 Oct 2022

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Digital Assets: Weekly Market Update

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Bitcoin & Beyond

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Crypto Explainers

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Bitcoin Rise and Shine

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Meeting with Yix from AAX | N2MU

In this episode, we talk with Yix, brand director at AAX to talk about #brand building, #design, and communication in #crypto. ...

25 Jul 2022

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AAX Trends Events

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AAX Trends TV

Previously on AAX Trends TV

AAX Trends 24/7 is a livestream on AAX YouTube that runs continuous programming around bitcoin, digital assets and the most important trends in crypto. Weekly ...

26 Aug 2022

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