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Learn more about cryptocurrency on AAX Academy

Learn more about cryptocurrency on AAX Academy

Explainers AAX

04 Sep 2020

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is a learning curve with rapid developments that get harder to track every day. AAX Academy is a resource that puts education in the hands of everyday cryptocurrency users.

Education in the cryptocurrency space is critical, especially when you consider that people are investing money and building their lives around the ecosystem. In situations where people are not well educated, they fall for scams and Ponzi schemes or make bad investment decisions.

Further, navigating the cryptocurrency space for the first time can get overwhelming. There are several technicalities involved and steps that may discourage new users.

To foster the growth of the entire crypto ecosystem and exchange, AAX built the AAX Academy as an ultimate educational resource.

Content on AAX Academy is produced by cryptocurrency experts and influencers with years of experience. The educational platform has beginner-level content and sophisticated content for more experienced users.

There are several sections on AAX Academy for you to choose from. The 'explained' section breaks down complex crypto concepts for easy understanding.

On the other hand, the 'tutorials' section provides a hands-on step by step guide on how to use features on AAX and the cryptocurrency ecosystem at large.

AAX Academy also has a 'trading strategies' section for active traders wanting to learn and improve their skills. Another trading related section is the 'futures guide'. This section provides information on how to trade cryptocurrency futures.

Newbies can also check the glossary on AAX academy to find the meaning of crypto and blockchain-related words. What's more, the site is available in five different languages, which means that AAX's efforts are inclusive and accessible. AAX plans to add more languages as it expands the catalog of content on the site.

Beyond education, AAX publishes frequent reports on the cryptocurrency market. You can check what the market looks like every week on

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