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Meet the Bitcoin Family: a borderless decentralized life

Meet the Bitcoin Family: a borderless decentralized life

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29 Apr 2021

Many people believe in bitcoin, but few have taken the dramatic steps Didi Taihuttu and the rest of the Bitcoin Family have taken. In 2017, the Dutch family of 5 sold everything they owned – from his house down to his children’s toys - and transitioned into a life fully powered by bitcoin. This was just before the boom that lifted the price from $4K to the $19K peak of that cycle, so the move has certainly already paid off.

But that doesn’t mean the Bitcoin Family has cashed out. Far from it. While they do cash out portions to pay for expenses, by and large their holdings remain invested in bitcoin. They even bought more during the crypto winter of 2018, doubling down on their bet.

Today, Didi together with his wife and 3 children live the life many others dream of: simple, nomadic, in search of new and exotic places. Travelling in their iconic BitMobile, or otherwise, they have visited places like Spain, US, Mexico, Italy, France, Thailand, Indonesia, Croatia, Serbia, Portugal, and many more.

Clearly the family has a lot of confidence in bitcoin. Back in 2017, Didi expected a major correction coupled with a prediction BTC would hit $20K by 2020. Turns out he was right about both things. In an interview with CNBC, Didi suggested bitcoin could hit $100K in the current bull cycle, and eventually hit $200K by 2022. The rise, he claims, is propelled by institutional money being funneled into bitcoin and a shortage in supply as a result from the increased demand.

The Bitcoin Family’s adventure has been and continues to be a compelling one. They still get plenty of media requests for interviews, invitations to speak at conferences, join podcasts, and offer consulting services which all helps generate a reliable stream of income while living a life in search of adventure.

The practical side of living on Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Family’s journey across over 40 countries has been entirely funded by bitcoin, which can be challenging at times. To break free from the traditional banking system, the family only held bitcoin and tried to only ­use bitcoin for transactions. As you might expect, a lot of people and businesses still don’t know what bitcoin is, and even if they do that doesn’t mean they accept it for payments.

At first, the family had to rely on informal networks that informed them where they could use bitcoin for goods (groceries) and services (accommodation). Sometimes, they tried to convince business owners to accept bitcoin, spreading the gospel one soul at a time. At one point, they convinced a fellow traveler to trade physical cash for bitcoin so they could pay for their visa application at a border crossing.

The reality of living on bitcoin entirely gets a bit sticky, but it has arguably gotten a lot easier since the Bitcoin family started out on their journey in 2017. Today, many more merchants accept crypto payments, PayPal has given its customers access to crypto, there are plenty of card-based solutions that allow you to pay for items in fiat using crypto, browser extensions enable crypto payments online, and quickly cashing out through P2P networks has never been easier.

With further mainstream adoption in sight, perhaps more people inspired by the Bitcoin Family will live life the same way. Borderless. Decentralized. Autonomous.

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