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Metasens (MSU and UCG) Explained

Metasens (MSU and UCG) Explained

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06 Apr 2022

Metasens is the first GameFi project developed by a Hong Kong listco. It aims to provide an open GameFi platform and build a Universal Amusement Park together with global community and players.

一張含有 文字 的圖片 自動產生的描述

Since its launch in Q4 2021, the project has over 30,000 users from around the world.

How METASENS operates the Play-to-Earn model

The Metasens universe is centered around the Holosens, the core “planet” of this metaverse which connects multiple other planets orbiting around it, forming a complete cosmic galaxy. Every planet is an independent game genre, which will include RPG, STG, Shooting, A-AVG, Cards, Casual Social Games, and so on. Players can join and develop their own homeland in the Holosens. NFTs and tokens can be earned and traded by the players. They can also be traded in the Metasens NFT marketplace as well as OpenSea.

What powers Metasens?

Metasens and its NFT games build on multiple chains including the ETH chain and Binance chain.

What Metasens games are available?


As the advanced force of the Metasens universe, METASNAKE combines the concept of Snake, an arcade game originating from the 70s, with blockchain technology.

一張含有 文字, 室內 的圖片 自動產生的描述

Battling arena is also available in the METASNAKE planet, and no pre-purchase of digital currencies is required to play METASNAKE.

All characters in METASNAKE are Ancient Spirits carrying their own unique genetic codes. Each Ancient Spirit represents a unique NFT. It can breed with other Ancient Spirits and genes from the parents randomly pass on to the next generations.

It is a PVP game where players need to collect crystals within an arena. Different animal characters are available for players to choose from, each mastering unique skills. Players who gain the highest number of crystals will be the winner and will be rewarded with a treasure chest. At the end of each season, players are rewarded with MSU, UCG, and Ancient Spirits according to their rankings in the game.

  • Peta Rush (in development)

Peta Rush is a multiple-user racing game, which is currently in development and will be launched in May.

Peta Rush is a casual racing game with blockchain technology. Players can use the cute NFT animal character to race with up to eight players. Your mission is to compete with the opponents in various extremely complicated terrain. Players have to make good use of the planetary energy obtained to perform skills and gain advantages during the races. Players will be rewarded with MSU and UCG tokens by defeating the opponents!

Metasens token and its uses

Metasens takes a dual-token approach. 2 tokens are available:

  • MSU

MSU is the native token and a utility ERC-20 token of the Metasens universe with a token supply capped at 500,000,000. New tokens will no longer be issued once the limit is reached. Users can freely use and trade MSU in the Metasens universe as well as on blockchain games developed by Metasens. When users actively participate and perform well in the community, they will be qualified to receive a certain amount of MSUs as a reward.

MSU is also the governance tool on Metasens. Users who hold MSU tokens naturally become part of the decision-making and governance of Metasens.

Users can also obtain and use MSUs in the first blockchain game launched (Metasnake).

  • UCG

UCG is the current currency among planets within the Metasens universe, which can be claimed through various activities. It has a no-issuance limit. Players can also buy it in-game or get it through in-game competitions, community activities, and so on. If the player wishes to reproduce or replicate colonial organisms (such as MetaSnake’s Ancient Spirits), UCG tokens will be consumed.

UCG can be used for the following activities:

  1. Transaction: to purchase NFT products in the METASENS or in-game items.
  2. Incubation: UCGs can be used for claiming derivatives of NFT products. Each incubation requires 50 MSUs.

The team behind Metasens

Metasens is the metaverse project rolled out by Imperium Technology Group (0776.HK) in the 4th quarter of 2021.

The team members come from top-notch game operations and Research & Development teams across Asia. The members have more than 15 years of experience in related industries and have served as senior executives in the operation, distribution, and investment of listed game companies, a solid combination of gaming R&D, game publishing, and blockchain.

Where can I trade MSU and UCG?

MSU and UCG are now available for trading on the AAX platform.

Cryptocurrencies that you can trade for MSU and UCG is Tether (USDT) for now.

The future of Metasens

Metasens follows the “Play-for-Fun” concept instead of the traditional “Play to Earn” model of most GameFi projects, prioritizing the joyful and exciting journey that users will experience. “Earning” then becomes part of the joy rather than the primary and sole focus.

The vision of Metasens is to integrate traditional games with blockchain and NFT technology to lower the entry barrier for the public, meet the entertainment needs of different age and demographic groups, and create a diverse and unique metaverse for all.

To realize Metasens’ global roadmap, the project plans to scale its team size to over 500 within this year, meanwhile actively identifying teams and resources that are equipped with suitable technology and talents across Southeast Asia, South America, Europe, and so on.

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