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What Can You Buy With Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency payment is no longer something surprising. A few years ago, there was a lot of skepticism regarding the transition to virtual assets, but today, individuals and even large companies are adopting crypto. ...

19 Jul 2022

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Ukraine war is crypto's biggest test yet

The war in Ukraine is the first major conflict in which cryptocurrency has featured prominently. It has been used for humanitarian purposes, with people across the world sending crypto to the Ukrainian government and non-governmental organizations, ...

04 Mar 2022

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EIB Issues €100m Digital Bond on Ethereum

On April 27, the European Investment Bank launched its first-ever digital bond on a decentralized public blockchain. The issuance was announced and made specifically for the registration and settlement of digital bonds placed on a ...

03 May 2021

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From Bitcoin to Britcoin: UK CDBC Announced

The Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is becoming a go-to solution for an increasing number of governments around the world as financial regulators are watching the fluctuations and influence of the growing crypto market in ...

23 Apr 2021

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