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Articles tagged withAltcoins

Explainers Trading

How to buy and sell Tether

These are the world's very first Stablecoins, which appeared in 2014 and have remained the most liquid and reliable digital currency in this category ever since. ...

10 Oct 2022

Explainers Trading

How to buy and sell NEO

Cryptocurrency has become an integral part of many modern investment portfolios, performing various functions in them - as a risk investment, financial protection, etc. As one of the options for the cryptocurrency component of the ...

23 Sep 2022

Explainers Trading

How to buy and sell Litecoin

Purchasing digital currencies requires a cryptocurrency wallet and funds in fiat currency. If you have all of the above, then all you have to do is to create an account (detailed registration instructions are provided) ...

02 Sep 2022

Explainers Networks

Efinity (EFI) Explained

From 2020 to now, NFTs and the metaverse have both experienced a boom in popularity. Altcoins such as SAND, MANA, AXS, and ILV have all soared in value during this period of time. ...

13 Dec 2021

Explainers Cryptocurrencies

A critical study of Cardano (ADA)

According to the Cardano website, 'Cardano is a blockchain platform for changemakers, innovators, and visionaries, with the tools and technologies required to create possibilities for the many, as well as the few, and bring about ...

18 Sep 2021

News & Insights

AAX Intelligence: BTC & REEF

It is however important to note that the cryptocurrency market has long been seen as overbought ever since BTC was around $15,000 USD. During major bull runs in the past, the cryptocurrency market has appeared ...

27 Mar 2021

News & Insights

AAX Intelligence: BTC, ALTS & AAB

On the hourly charts, BTC is currently looking bearish, suggesting that this downward movement could continue. Currently, after a few days of highly volatile trading, BTC has somewhat settled. ...

26 Feb 2021

News & Insights

Crypto Snapshot: DASH/USD

Following rapid growth, DASH has corrected by more than 50%. The price found support near the $212 level. Dynamic support is provided by MA100 on the H4 timeframe. ...

25 Feb 2021

News & Insights

AAX Intelligence: YFI, CEL & BTC

YFI has been of particular interest over the past few months. YFI is one of the few coins which is valued higher than BTC, with YFI currently valued at 23,000 USD while one BTC is ...

20 Nov 2020

News & Insights

AAX Intelligence: BTC, ETH & LINK

In last week's analysis we ran through BTC’s potential Wyckoff distribution stage. Looking through the basics of Wyckoff market cycles while analysing the potential cycle which is occurring, as demonstrated below. Showing that BTC could ...

27 Jul 2020

Explainers Trading

How to buy and sell EOS

Effective investing in cryptocurrencies involves compiling an investment portfolio of several of the most promising crypto-assets. It is best to buy them on cryptocurrency exchanges, which always offer the best prices. ...

31 Jan 2020

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