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Explainers Trading

How to buy and sell Bitcoin

You always want financial transactions to be as cheap, fast and reliable as possible. We recommend using our AAX crypto trading exchange for this purpose, which offers a wide range and rich functionality of trading ...

03 Oct 2022

Explainers Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin (BTC) Explained

Unlike fiat currencies, Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies have technology and infrastructure that govern their creation, supply, and security without relying on centralized entities like governments and banks. ...

18 Aug 2022

Explainers Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Latinum Explained

Bitcoin was originally intended to be a peer-to-peer (P2P) monetary system. However, the evolution of Bitcoin has seen it shift into a hedge against inflation with the earned title of "digital gold." ...

10 Dec 2021

News & Insights

From Bitcoin to Britcoin: UK CDBC Announced

The Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is becoming a go-to solution for an increasing number of governments around the world as financial regulators are watching the fluctuations and influence of the growing crypto market in ...

23 Apr 2021

News & Insights

AAX Intelligence: BTC & REEF

It is however important to note that the cryptocurrency market has long been seen as overbought ever since BTC was around $15,000 USD. During major bull runs in the past, the cryptocurrency market has appeared ...

27 Mar 2021

News & Insights

AAX Intelligence: BTC, ALTS & AAB

On the hourly charts, BTC is currently looking bearish, suggesting that this downward movement could continue. Currently, after a few days of highly volatile trading, BTC has somewhat settled. ...

26 Feb 2021

News & Insights

AAX Intelligence: Bitcoin

At time of writing, BTC is priced around $45,000 USD. BTC had seen a strong move from $29,000 USD and is currently looking to break above the upper purple resistance line to make ATHs. ...

11 Feb 2021

News & Insights

AAX Intelligence: YFI, CEL & BTC

YFI has been of particular interest over the past few months. YFI is one of the few coins which is valued higher than BTC, with YFI currently valued at 23,000 USD while one BTC is ...

20 Nov 2020

News & Insights

AAX Intelligence: BTC, ZRX & NEO

BTC has had a great week since the last report, almost reaching $11000 USD again. However, when we look at the hourly chart, BTC has just broken below its upward trend line. ...

01 Oct 2020

News & Insights

AAX Intelligence: BTC, ETH & LINK

In last week's analysis we ran through BTC’s potential Wyckoff distribution stage. Looking through the basics of Wyckoff market cycles while analysing the potential cycle which is occurring, as demonstrated below. Showing that BTC could ...

27 Jul 2020

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