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Uncharted: The Season Is Upon Us

Uncharted: The Season Is Upon Us

News & Insights

02 Sep 2020

AAX Uncharted, Newsletter, 2 September, 2020 (short edition)

It's no Christmas, but 'the season' is somehow upon us. While Bitcoin is still chipping away at the $12,000 resistance level - building up steam for a potential post-halvening rally - BTC dominance has fallen below 60% indicating a growing demand for altcoins.

  • Ethereum's value has more than tripled since the start of this year and is now trading at $430 USD.
  • Yearn.Finance doubled in price in just a few days and is now valued at a staggering $34,000 USD.
  • UniSwap is breaking record trade volume records in the DEX space, with SushiSwap token, SUSHI stealing the limelight.
Based on these developments, we are excited to keep listing some of the hottest, high-quality tokens on the market, as well as perpetual contracts for those who might want to #shortdefi.

What about AAB?

Over the past week, as we’ve been approaching the second round of the AAB Summer Flash Sale, the price of AAB has dropped by 40%. This evening at 8pm HKT, a maximum of 500 participants will be able to purchase AAB at a discount, with a 50% chance to get their 1000 AAB for free. The sale is on a first come first serve basis!

What else is happening?

We want to take this opportunity to thank our growing base of supporters, who are each contributing to the growth and vibrance of the exchange. Whether as admins on Telegram, steadfast AAB investors, traders, or as tribal leaders, we see your trust as vital to our resilience and your enthusiasm as a fire that lights up the markets and fuels the AAB coin burn machine. So far, 2020 has been a year of exposure and rebalancing - not only, has it unleashed a storm of popular unrest around the world, it is also driving rapid adoption of alternative solutions, including those offered by blockchain enterprises and fintech innovators, and we are grateful to be part of this growth that we believe will lead the crypto industry to mainstream adoption. As a token of our bullish outlook, we have increased our interest rates for BTC and ETH. If you're looking to HODL either of these assets, interest rates on AAX Vault are now 50% higher than the market (the crypto market, not the banks).

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