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Ways to Earn A Passive Income With Crypto

Ways to Earn A Passive Income With Crypto

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17 Feb 2020

The birth of cryptocurrency has given rise to several opportunities and use cases. One of the most substantial opportunities created by crypto is the creation of an online economy that allows people to make a living, or at least earn a decent income on the side, through activities related to the ecosystem.

Passive income is revenue generated with little effort and doesn't always require much of your time or energy. There are several ways to earn a passive income with cryptocurrency. This guide breaks down six legitimate ways to do that.


Mining is the original method for earning crypto which emerged as a built-in consequence of the creation of Bitcoin. Now, eleven years since the first blockchain was rolled out, mining remains a profitable venture and a legitimate way of making a passive income with crypto.

Cryptocurrency mining is the process of validating transactions on a blockchain by solving complex mathematical equations. In the early days, mining could be done on simple machines like a desktop. In recent times, mining has evolved substantially and is now a venture that requires powerful hardware like Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) or mining rigs built from with Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

What's more, you will need a constant flow of electricity and a connection to the internet to have a smooth mining experience. Miners are rewarded with newly minted crypto to cover the costs associated with the service they provide in maintaining the integrity and security of the blockchain.

There are several cryptocurrencies you can mine. The best option for making a passive income depends on the profitability rate of a particular cryptocurrency. This is usually calculated by combining the price of the currency, the mining difficulty, the hash rate of your device, and the cost of electricity in your region.


Cryptocurrency lending allows you to make money from cryptocurrencies that you do not intend to sell or trade-in the short-term. Instead of leaving these coins in your wallet, you could earn a passive income by lending them out.

Several lending platforms provide different incentives for lending your crypto out. Some platforms allow you to set your terms while others have fixed interest rates.

Lending cryptocurrency is a less labor-intensive method of making a passive income for users who do not have enough time to trade, mine, or even partake in affiliate marketing or bounty programs.


Unlike the Ethereum network, where miners have to confirm transactions through mathematical equations done by hardware, some protocols require you to keep your coins as a method for validating transactions.

Staking rewards you for contributing to the operations of the blockchain by holding funds. The size of the reward you receive from staking depends on the size of the funds you reserve for staking.

Several cryptocurrency wallets allow you to stake crypto from your phone or desktop device. Further, users who do not have enough funds to stake directly can join staking pools that combine funds from several users to increase their earnings.


Masternodes are similar to staking but require more technical know-how and have a higher entry barrier. A masternode is a full node on a blockchain network that communicates with other nodes to confirm transactions and ensure other functionalities (such as instant or private transactions).

Unlike regular full nodes, Masternodes have an entry barrier to prevent spam and malicious actors from partaking in transaction validation. This entry barrier requires you to reserve some amount of coins as collateral.

You receive rewards (mostly monthly) for running a Masternode, which comes with the cost of running a full node and holding a larger sum of a particular currency.

Learn more about setting up a full node on the Bitcoin network

Bounties and Airdrops

A bounty program is a campaign run by a cryptocurrency project, product, or service that requires you to complete small tasks to receive rewards as part of a company’s marketing efforts.

Airdrops happen when a cryptocurrency project decides to give away tokens to people for free to draw attention to the currency and kickstart a market.

Both approaches might not earn you a fortune immediately but can provide some good income depending on how you go about it. To enter as many legitimate bounty or airdrop campaigns as possible, you will have to find a way to track the latest airdrops and bounties.

Most of these campaigns will require you to fill in forms and perform some tasks on social media to claim your "free" tokens. Using platforms or partaking in activities can be an excellent way to earn Bitcoin if you have a lot of time to spare or a skill to sell.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs offer another method to earn a passive income with crypto. Affiliate programs reward you for recommending a product to new users and getting them to either purchase or use that product.

Some platforms reward you immediately after a new person you referred signs up, while others give you a percentage of every trade made by a new user you referred.

AAX allows you to earn a passive income by participating in its affiliate program. You can earn up to 20% in commission on every trade made by new users you refer, and on top of that even earn a commission on every trade made by users that they’ve referred as well. Check out our guide to learn more about the AAX Referral Program.

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