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What Is REALY?

What Is REALY?

Explainers Metaverse

07 Feb 2022

REALY is one of the most ambitious metaverse projects hosted on the Solana blockchain. Breaking away from the pixelated graphics standard set by leading metaverse projects like the Sandbox and Decentraland, REALY is being developed using the Unreal Engine which makes the game look very slick. The REALY project focuses on street culture, merging real-world brands and celebrity names with the metaverse experience and dabbling in fashion, skateboards, graffiti, chic toys, and famous rappers. Users will be able to immerse themselves in the many different facets of street culture, dwelling with jezebels in various streets, buildings, stadiums, shops, and concerts.

The project has the financial backing of many top-tier Solana ecosystem investors such as Multicoin Capital, three Arrows Capital, Alameda Research, and Ark Stream Capital.

Blending in-game NFTs with the real world

All metaverse projects offer user-owned in-game assets using NFTs, but REALY takes it one step further. Some of the in-game assets like luxury clothing for your avatar allow you to send a real-life version to yourself at home so that you can wear what your avatar wears. Through some partnerships, they even offer the same service the other way around: buy your clothing from a real-world store, scan the NFC chip, and claim the virtual NFT version of the garments to dress up your avatar. The virtual and real-world really do start to blend with REALY.

REALY has officially entered into partnerships with the following artists and brands:

  • Mars Space Station
  • Maccott Station
  • Revenge
  • Shine
  • Innersect

These artists and brands cover various styles like rock, mainstream, hip-pop, and even two-D culture, which means it already caters to a wide variety of fashion tastes.

The REALY economy

REALY Metaverse will be a city in the sky, full of nature, architecture, streets, art, stadiums, and more, with a built-in economy driven by the REAL token. Acting as the base layer of infrastructure serving all levels of crypto activities, the REAL token is what enables metaverse activities such as land economy, taxation, incentives, and NFT asset circulation.

Users can get income through different games in accordance with its rules. For example, the land system allows users to rent out to earn rental income paid out in REAL. You can also find your favorite brands and works of art here for entertainment, and users can visit virtual concerts, art museums, and make new friends.

Constructing the REALY’s metaverse adopts the Japanese “metabolism” school theory as its core guiding ideology to build a 3D virtual city that not only conforms to the urban planning theory, but also has the logic of commercial value, and pays more attention to user experience. In a “Metabolism” virtual city, architecture is like life. It is born, it grows, and then disappears. The ecosystem is no longer the surplus and supplement of the building, but a symbiosis with the building. Wherever the human footprint goes, the ecosystem will develop with it.

And who will run this dreamy street culture metaverse city floating in the sky? The CityDAO of course.


The idea is that eventually, the project’s current leaders will give way to a CityDAO which can then manage and operate the entire virtual world. Any player can freely register, join and exit the autonomous organization. From things like tax collection and distribution to the specific rules of industry unions, interest unions, and owner committees, players can participate in community governance through democratic voting.

More specifically, the 3 main functions of the CityDao are:

  • Players propose the basic values of the city, such as the city tax (City Tax) of operating a shop in the city;
  • Decide on the allocation of REAL tokens between landholders and those who stake REAL;
  • Determine the special events and related budgets happening in the city.

To obtain voting power in the CityDAO, you need to stake REAL tokens in the CityDAO, or hold plots of land in the REALY metaverse. Land assets are NFTs, and besides offering you voting rights they can also be leased out to other users as a Storefront. Doing this generates additional income as all transactions generated in the Storefront are subject to tax. No one ever said that when we blend the real world with the virtual world, we shouldn’t bring over blissful things like taxes.

While the REALY world is not fully online just yet, you can check out some of the virtual clothes that dropped recently on the dedicated NFT marketplace.

More and more fashion houses like Adidas and Gucci are looking for active ways to mint their very own brand-based NFTs. With REALY launching soon and having a very fashion-forward realm in line with trending pop cultures, it may potentially be the designated metaverse on which fashion moguls like Adidas choose to be featured on.

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