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Where can I pay with Bitcoin today?

Where can I pay with Bitcoin today?

Explainers Cryptocurrencies

20 Feb 2020

While there are some members of the crypto community, who think Bitcoin is not suitable for payments and everyday transactions, and advocate for stablecoin alternatives instead, there are those who believe that Bitcoin is more than just digital gold, but also an electronic cash system - as intended by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Ideal or not, Bitcoin is accepted as a form of payment in quite a few places. We divided this simple list into two categories, namely online and brick-and-mortar venues.

Some popular Online Stores Accepting Bitcoin

Microsoft: this is one of the biggest companies that accepts Bitcoin payments and it has done so for years. Although there have been some breaks, due to Bitcoin's price volatility over the years, currently, Microsoft still accepts Bitcoin in the form of payment.

Overstock: an American online digital retailer that offers a wide variety of goods like clothes, furniture, home decor, and electronics. What’s more, they also accept Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and Bitcoin Cash.

Expedia: an online travel agency, Expedia accepts Bitcoin for its hotel reservation payments.

eGifter: If you’re ever in need of gift cards from companies that don’t accept Bitcoin payment for their gift card purchases, eGifter, serves as an intermediary that you can directly pay with Bitcoin for your Amazon gift cards, JCPenny, and several others.

Shopify stores: a multinational e-commerce company and arguably one of the biggest eCommerce web service providers, Shopify uses Bitpay to process its Bitcoin transactions. Technically, crypto is not directly accepted by Shopify but it is incorporated on Shopify stores via the Coinbase commerce payment layer.

PizzaForCoins: Referencing the famous Bitcoin pizza story this web service provider acts as a third party for crypto payments to any pizza cafe near you. Additionally, over 50 altcoins are accepted as well.

Brick and mortar businesses accepting Bitcoin

  • Coupa Cafe: Based in Palo Alto, Brazil, Coupa is one of the few brick-and-mortar stores where you can pay for a service with Bitcoin.
  • Reeds: An American-based jewelry store, Reeds accepts Bitcoin for both online and instore payments.
  • BMW: Quite a few BMW dealerships in the UK and America accept Bitcoin as payment which can be made on the spot.

The Located only a few minutes drive away from Lisbon airport in Portugal, this is a workspace location where crypto startups and freelancers can work from.

While Bitcoin may not be the ideal medium of exchange, considering its volatile nature, the fact that more and more venues are accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is promising.

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