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Zoo Crypto World (ZCW) Explained

Zoo Crypto World (ZCW) Explained

Explainers Metaverse

17 Jan 2022


In recent months, we have seen metaverse-based projects explode. Furthermore, we have witnessed interest in metaverse-based projects outside of the crypto industry. One prime example of this is the recent Walmart metaverse shopping video which has taken the crypto and meme community by storm.

Walmart Metaverse

One of the incoming cryptocurrency trends along a similar trajectory is GameFi, combining DeFi with gaming and NFTs. GameFi cryptocurrencies look to gamify the DeFi experience, in a similar thought trail to how Walmart wants to gamify the shopping experience. Zoo Crypto World (ZCW) is a cryptocurrency taking the GameFi space by storm, allowing users to potentially profit from playing ZCW.

Zoo Crypto World gamifies DeFi

ZCW, a battle-based GameFi token

ZCW is a battle-based GameFi cryptocurrency, focusing on allowing users to battle each other or ZCW-generated bosses. In the PvP arena battles, users will battle for KEYs. The KEYs won in the PvP arenas can then be used to unlock NFTs.

The ZCW combat arena is P2E


When users use their KEYs for unlocking NFTs, they will receive an NFT animal. Users want to unlock NFTs to receive these animals for two primary reasons.

Firstly, unlocking the NFTs could provide users with a new animal which is more powerful than their previous one. This could allow the user to fight harder bosses for higher rewards or increase their win percentage against users in the PvP arena.

Secondly, users can sell their animals on the ZCW marketplace. Should users wish to purchase an animal on the market place, they will be required to purchase the animal with USDT.



ZOO is the governance token of ZCW. Token utility surrounds the tokens required for in-game battles, lotteries, staking, and ZCW’s marketplace.


Users can stake ZOO in the ZCW farming section. ZOO is available for staking, allowing users to earn OOE. Additional ZOO paired farms are also available, current options are:


ZCW Farms


The lottery feature is currently unavailable on ZCW. However, this concept has been explored by multiple cryptocurrencies before ZCW. It is likely that users will make a ZOO deposit, purchasing tickets.

The user will deposit ZOO into the set lottery pool and other users will do so as well. Upon reaching the timed deadline, ZCW will select a winner randomly with the user in question receiving the entirety of the set lottery pool.


On the ZCW marketplace, users can purchase NFTs listed by other users. These NFTs can be filtered by rarity, allowing users to easily browse their rarity focus NFTs. Additionally, users can view the NFTs which they have listed and the current progress of that NFTs sale. All sales and purchases in the ZCW marketplace can be conducted with the USDT token.

The ZCW Marketplace currently has only one legendary NFT for sale!

Each NFT has a set of battle statistics

Coin Details

Blockchain = Binance Smart Chain

Maximum Supply = 200m


  • In app features e.g. PvP battles
  • Governance
  • Staking

Special Features:

  • Coin burn


  • Currently ongoing an audit partnership with CertiK

Price Action History

Since the initial ICO run, ZOO has witnessed major negative price action. ZOO is currently down 99.3% from its ATHs and is only 3.5% up from ATLs.

ZOO price action history

This negative price action could partially be due to induced selling pressure from the ZOO/BNB farm on PancakeSwap.

ZOO/BNB farm on PancakeSwap


In conclusion, ZCW is a fun application which positively gamifies the DeFi experience. However, the native token of ZCW (ZOO) has witnessed major negative price action, with few signs of a positive reversal. Trading ZOO in its current status could be likened to attempting to catch a falling knife. However, ZOO could potentially witness a dead cat bounce over the coming weeks. Due to the major negative price action, this could be a significant bounce.

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